Simple Word

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The letters are jumbled up and the meaning is lost. Time to put on your study cap and spell out some words! SimpleWord is a fun and challenging word puzzle game. Try your best to find the correct 5-letter word before your run out of turns. Make educated guesses to see which fits which box based on the clues given. Are you confident in your vocabulary skills? Come play now and show off your knowledge!

How to Play

  • Type in your 5-letter word guesses to start playing.
  • A green tile means that the letter is present in the word and is in the correct position. An orange tile means that the letter is present in the word, but is in the wrong position.
  • A gray tile means that the letter isn't present in the word you seek.
  • By using the clues given, you'll need to find the correct word within 6 guesses.
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