Farm Merge Valley

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Farm Merge Valley is a casual farming game in which various animals and objects are combined to upgrade them. Crops are cultivated and animals are introduced to the farm, while fascinating new places are explored. The calm farm life of dreams is discovered, with rewards obtained through many trials.

How To Play

The farm grows by combining goods.

A lovely farm life for friendly neighbors and animals is created. Crops are combined to create new varieties of produce. Various animals, crops, and materials are developed to manufacture items and repair structures.

Enhance Your Experience

Continuous merging earns experience points, allowing the player to advance in level. Each level unlocks new objects and awards, allowing the game to proceed. Higher levels bring additional game elements and agricultural expansion areas.

Fulfill orders to earn money.

Animal output is utilized to produce things that can be sold for money. Earned currency is used to acquire additional plots of land, allowing the farm to expand to new heights. New structures are renovated, increasing productivity and providing higher monetary incentives.


  • Crops and animals are combined to produce more value products.
  • Various chores are done, yielding incentives for your efforts.
  • As development is made, new lands are opened up.
  • A magnificent, self-sustaining farm lifestyle is established.
Tags: Puzzle

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