Hidden Objects Superthief

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A wealthy metropolis full of mansions, galleries, and studios where there are many opportunities to take enigmatic items and rare antiques. It is the ideal setting for Mrs. Smith to excel as the best hire thief there is. Identify the hidden items her clients are looking for to help her build the best reputation possible. Expect to search through many different scenes, complete side chores, and collect unusual equipment. Every time you play, the scenes' layout and level of difficulty change in accordance with your proficiency!


  • Star based rating
  • Different minigames
  • Rewards for mastery
  • Fashionable art
  • Hint system


Find hidden objects by navigating through various sceneries; tap to acquire them. You receive more points the quicker you locate the required objects. You can use a clue if you're having trouble finding something. To access new scenes, get reputation based on stars. For a mastery award, try to master each scene. Enjoy taking on a variety of secondary tasks.

Tags: Puzzle

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