Minesweeper Mania

Image of Minesweeper Mania game
Remove all the mines from a minefield!
Tags: Puzzle

Play this sophisticated minesweeper game for enjoyable and challenging gameplay! To quickly uncover every mine, use strategy and shrewd reasoning. Your capacity for logical thought and reaction time can both be enhanced by this thrilling puzzle game from the past. Try higher difficulty levels to challenge yourself! Additionally, you can alter the themes, levels, and even the use of hints in this version of the game.


  • Various themes
  • Great soundtrack
  • Responsive controls
  • Highly customizable levels

How to Play

All of the board's squares that are empty of mines should be opened. If you activate a mine-containing square, you will lose. You can see the total number of bombs in the eight adjacent squares by opening each non-bomb square. A flag can be placed on a square as a reminder once you are certain that it contains a bomb.

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