Poly Art

Image of Poly Art game
Adore the shards and help fix them! !
Tags: Puzzle

Assist us in compiling all of the fantastic images! Hundreds of adorable and colorful images await you!
Assist us in transforming these unassembled images into beautiful works of art. This absolutely fantastic and relaxing work of art contains dozens of animals, plants, vehicles, flowers, and much more. Assemble beautiful images from image shard clusters to complete all game segments.

How to Play

  • To relax and assemble all of the game illustrations, choose a visual color mode and browse through hundreds of image sharad clusters and complete sets of images.
  • To move the image shards, swipe.
  • To complete the images, correctly position the shards.


  • Controls that are as simple as a swipe.
  • Hundreds of one-of-a-kind images
  • Dual visual color modes
  • Music and sounds that are soothing

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