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The hit TV game show where you try to find $1,000,000 that's hidden among 26 briefcases. With a mix of guts and good luck you can beat the bankers at their own game. No trivia, no hoops to literally or metaphorically jump through - just one question: Deal, or no deal? Do you think you have what it takes to make the best deal or will you be left with $1? Test your intestinal fortitude, gumption, and risk-taking skills now!

In this online version of the game, you start in San Francisco and the winnings of your first day are used to enter into other Deal Or No Deal tournaments throughout the world. Go on to play Deal Or No Deal Games in New York, Paris, and major cities across the globe. Can you take the right risks and make the right decisions to recoup the virtual game's entrance fee? Can you make it all the way around the world?

Originally a Dutch show, Deal Or No Deal took America by storm in 2005, becoming one of the most popular game shows virtually overnight. Since the first season in, the game and show has continued to adapt and grow in popularity. With a revival in 2018, Deal Or No Deal again became a popular exciting game show that pits a banker against the pits in your stomach as you mull their offer over.

How to play Deal or No Deal

When the game begins, you pick one of 26 cases. Inside each case is a placard that indicates the worth of the case, ranging between $.01 and $1,000,000 (or other dollar amounts ranging from small to large proportionally). You're at least guaranteed to walk away with the amount in that case. You then have the first of a possible eight rounds to either keep the case with the dollar amount you selected or sell it without knowing what's inside to the Banker.

How rounds work

You select cases to open and display the dollar amount. By virtue of the process of elimination, the supposed value of your case will go up or down. At the end of the round, with all six cases revealed, the Banker makes you an offer for your case. You have the option to say 'deal' or 'no deal'.

How many cases per round, how many rounds?

There are 8 rounds in Deal or No Deal, in each, you select fewer and fewer briefcases until you either take the deal with the banker or choose which of the two remaining cases you want.

  • Round 1: 25 cases remain, you select seven
  • Round 2: 18 cases remain, you select six
  • Round 3: 12 cases remain, you select four
  • Round 4: Eight cases remain, you select three
  • Round 5: Five cases remain, you select two
  • Round 6: Three cases remain, you select one
  • Round 7: Two cases remain, you select one
  • Final round: One case remains, you can now choose between your original case or the one remaining case.

Deal or No Deal Strategy

In this online game, you pay entranced fees into Deal or No Deal games across the world so your goal is to at least recoup the entrance fee and to hopefully build it up with each turn. So you want to go into each game with some general strategies.

Set your acceptable risk level

The skill of the game doesn't involve the picking of random briefcases, after all, that's, random. The strategy and skill is understanding what your risk tolerance is for each round and when the Banker makes you an offer you can't refuse, you pounce on it. Stick to the risk aversion you're comfortable with and use that as your strategic center-point.

Mind the banker

At its core, this is a two-player game: you pick cases and the Banker tries to minimize losses. Understand the Banker's perspective: they know you likely didn't pick a valuable case and the odds of that showing through the process of elimination goes up and up each round. Therefore, their goal is to keep you playing as many rounds as possible while spending the least amount of money.

Bet that you didn't pick a good case 

The chances of you picking the highest value case are 1 in 26 or 3.8%, the chances of you picking a higher value case are 6 in 26 or about 23%. So the chances are, you didn't pick a valuable case. Knowing that, it's usually the best option to take the Banker's offer at some point in the game.

Use power-ups

At the beginning of the game, you get to choose three cases that all provide either cash towards your winnings or specific power-ups. Use these power-ups only when you need to. Power-ups allow you to undo, get free admission into Deal or No Deal games, and many more.

Earn the entrance fee

Each game costs money out of your winnings to participate in. Balance your risk to at least cover what the entrance fee was. Keep in mind the higher the fee, the higher the payout.

Deal Or No Deal Best Videos

We love Deal Or No Deal - It's all excitement with no downtime and this version of the game allows you to create a profile and grow your winnings over time and compete with other players for high scores. The only thing we enjoy more than playing Deal Or No Deal is watching it. We've collected some of our favorite Deal Or No Deal videos to check out. If you like watching and playing as much as we do, you'll love these videos!

  • Deal Or No Deal Best Wins - Few things beat the utter joy and elation when a contestant wins it big! Without great risk there is no great reward and these players risked it all to get some of the biggest and most memorable wins.
  • Deal Or No Deal Best Fails - Not everyone is going to make a good deal. If you're in the mood to feel better about yourself because at least you didn't screw up your appearance on Deal Or No Deal, this is the video for you.
  • Deal Or No Deal Best Banker Moments - Never seen or heard but always consequential, the banker has had his or her moments to remember. Check out some of the top surprises, wins and fails by the bankers.
  • Deal Or No Deal On SNL - Fred Armisen as Howie Mandel and Steve Carell as a contestant - right away great casting. When you add in Armisen's hilarious caricature of Mandel's voice and mannerisms with Carell's comedic timing, it's one of the best SNL game show parodies ever. (Let's be real, nothing beats Celebrity Jeopardy)

Official Pages Of Deal Or No Deal

Deal Or No Deal is back! Check out some of these official pages for up to the date information on the game.

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  • Wikipedia - A good general breakdown of the history of Deal Or No Deal and the general goings-on with the show and it's various forms such as video games.
  • NBC - You can watch the latest episode on and get information about the show.
  • CNBC - Watch on-demand or the curated clips directly from
  • IMDB - Every detail on production and airing of Deal Or No Deal over both of its runs.
  • Facebook - The official Deal Or No Deal Facebook page where they post updates and engage directly with fans.

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